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Height: 5"5    |   Eye Color: Brown    |   Hair Color:  Brown

Jonathan Peter Leon has a voice that is a bit different than most.

Due to the fact that his voice naturally sits in a higher pitch range, his abilities to portray any age group shines bright. This higher vocal range also gives him the ability to play any gender as well, if the situation ever calls for it. Plus, he is always excited for the challenge and opportunity of something new.

In the fall of 2019, Jonathan graduated from San Diego State University with two bachelor's degrees in Theater and Communication. At SDSU, Jonathan Leon got the chance to work with many talented and renowned directors and teachers. Along with the classes, Jonathan got the opportunity to be in the "Main stage" theater productions, SDSU's theater club theater productions, short films, voice-overs, and animation. Toward the end of his senior year, Jonathan received the award of "Best Leading Male Actor" presented by SDSU's Theater Department.

Post-graduation, Jonathan took a voice-over class with MultiMedia Arts Voice Over School, under Dru Scott. He learned and practiced the etiquette, techniques, and processes of the voice-over industry. Including exploration in the fields of commercial, promo, narrative, educational, industrial, character, and gaming.


Shortly after, Jonathan took an audio production course called "Voice Recording Bootcamp". Here he learned about acoustics, hardware, software, and editing. Including, but not limited to: sound treatment, soundproofing, microphones, audio interfaces, recording, Audacity, compression, normalization, and file conversions and transfers. 


Jonathan likes to think his musical ear helps him a lot in his voice works. Along side being a music producer, he also sings, raps, beatboxes, plays the guitar, ukelele, and piano. He feels that these skills tie into his ability to bring out crazy and lifelike characters. In the past, Jonathan has also scored films and arranged music for group musical projects.

Training & Workshops

Voice Recording Bootcamp, Audio Production for Actors,

Scott Higby & Deborah Reeves, 2020.

Multimedia Arts Studio, Voice Over Acting, Dru Scott, 2019.

*San Diego State University, BA / Theater: Performance Emphasis, 2018.

                     BA/ Communication, 2018.

*Studied Theater abroad at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, 2017


Current home recording set up includes: 

Recording Space: Sound-treated                                                        

Microphones: Sterling Audio ST159 Multi-Pattern Condenser
                         : Audio Technica AT4040 Pro Cardioid Condenser  

        DAW: Ableton Live Suite                                        

 : Audacity                                        

 Audio Interface: PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL                                     


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